Acrylic Aquariums

Rectangle Aquarium

The Classic Rectangle Acrylic Aquarium by TITAN is available in certain standard length (L), width (W) and height (H) combinations. 
CCA offers a range of Clear-For-Life aquariums including all-in-one UniQuariums as well as turn-key setups such as the DELUX, and BioQuarium standard rectangle aquariums.
**Furniture can be made to fit any aquarium by selecting style and shape furniture by selecting the corresponding size aquarium stand and canopy before checkout.
There are two versions of the standard rectangular aquarium in a large variety of  L, W, H combinations:  
Classic Rectangle: 
Length: 24" to 120" 
Width: 12" to 24"  
Height: 12" to 30" 
Gallons (approx): 20 to 350 
Heavy Duty: 
Length: 72", 96" or 120" 
Width: 24" to 48"  
Height: 24" to 60" 
Gallons (approx): 230 to 1,320 
The following are some of the features of Rectangular aquariums:
Rectangular models are made from 1/2", 3/8"' or 1/4" acrylic depending on footprint and height. 
Heavy duty Rectangular aquariums  use 3/4", 1" or 1.25" acrylic depending on height and length of the aquarium. 
The lengths, widths and heights come with black or blue rear panels for "against a wall" applications, all clear sides for all-around viewing, three sides clear, one end colored for peninsula applications and two long sides clear with two end panels colored for in-wall applications.

Flat Back Hexagon Aquarium Sizes 

The length (L) of the Flat Back Hexagon acrylic aquarium is measured along the back wall. The front wall is shorter than the back wall. Two sides come out from the back at 90 degrees and then are bent at a 45 degree angle to form the front and angled sides. In standard Flat Back Hexagon aquarium models the front-side panels are a continuous bent, seamless panel. Width (W) is measured at the center of the aquarium from front to back. 
The Standard Flat Back Hexagon is available in the following dimension and gallon ranges: 
Flat Back Hexagon: 
Length: 30" to 72" 
Width: 18"   
Height: 12" to 30" 
Gallons (approx): 20 to 160  
These aquariums are made from 1/2", 3/8" or 1/4" acrylic depending on footprint and height. The Flat Back Hexagon is almost always used as an "against a wall" type of aquarium. However, it can be used as all-around view or room divider tank where different lengths are desired in two areas.

Bow Front  

The Bow Front acrylic aquarium is one of the industry's favorites. 
The length (L) of the both the Bow Front acrylic aquarium is measured along the back wall. The two sides (end panels) come out from the back of the tank at 90 degrees and a continuous formed panel is bonded to the side panels. 
•   In the Concave, the front panel "bows in" and the width (W) of the aquarium is measured at the ends (side panels) of the fish tank. 
•   In the Bow Front, the front panel "bows out" and the width (W) of the aquarium is measured at the center of the fish tank. 
Bow Front and Concave
Length: 48", 60" or 72" 
Width: 24"  
Height: 24" 
Gallons (approx): 100, 135 or 170 
Customers frequently want to know the width 
at the center of these acrylic aquariums in 
comparison to the length of the sides. 
This is sometimes referred to as the "bow in" for 
the Teneview and the "bow out" for the Bow Front. 
The standard models of both the Teneview and 
Bow Front are made with the same oven forming tool. 
The "bow in"/ bow out" for these two aquariums are as follows:   
•   48" long "bow in" is approximately 2.5";  48" long Bow Front "bow out" is approximately 2.5" 
•   60" long "bow in" is approximately 3.5";  60" long Bow Front "bow out" is approximately 3.5" 
•   72" long "bow in" is approximately 5.5";  72" long Bow Front "bow out" is approximately 5.5"
The standard Teneview and Bow Front acrylic fish tanks are made from 3/8" or 1/2" acrylic depending on size and height. 

Half Cylinder Aquarium Sizes

The length (L) or diameter of the Half Cylinder acrylic aquarium is measured along the back wall. The front is a continuous formed panel in a semi-circle shape. Width (W) is measured at the center of the aquarium and is the radius of the half circle. 
Half Cylinder:
Length: 48" 
Width: 24"  
Height: 24" or 30"
Gallons (approx): 110 or 130
The Half Cylinder is a popular new shape with its long covered front panel. These aquariums are made from 1/2" or 3/8" acrylic depending on height.

Quarter Cylinder Aquarium Sizes 

The Quarter Cylinder Aquarium is one of the most popular aquariums for a corner area installation. Like the Pentagon fish tank, length (L) and width (W) are measured on the two side panels and the L and W are the same length in standard Quarter Cylinder aquariums. The front viewing panel is a continuous curved panel. This tank is also referred to as "Corner Bow Front" aquarium. 
Quarter Cylinder:
Length: 24" or 36" 
Width: 24" or 36" 
Height: 24" or 30" 
Gallons (approx): 50 to 120 
Standard Quarter Cylinder aquariums are made from 3/8" or 1/2" acrylic depending on height.
The Quarter Cylinder can be customized in a variety of sizes and ways. For example, in an area where the walls of the corner space are not the same length, a curved front panel can be bonded to flat sides of unequal length creating a unique and stunning corner aquatic display.

Hexagon Aquarium Sizes 

The Hexagon acrylic aquarium is a favorite shape due to its efficient use of space and versatility of application against a wall, in a corner or as an all around view tank. The Hexagon has two measurements: width (W) which is the distance across the flat panels, and the height. 
Width: 25"  
Height: 24" or 30"
Gallons (approx): 55 or 75
The Hexagon fish tank is made from 1/4" acrylic. The standard Hexagon is available with six clear sides or three clear panels and three dark blue or black panels. The main parts of the body of the standard Hexagon tank are bent providing seamless viewing. Although the left-to-right "length" of the Hexagon is not typically indicated, this point-to-point measurement for the standard Hexagon aquarium is approximately 29". The Hexagon is also frequently customized in width, side panel length or height.  This shape is a very "price attractive" alternative to Cylinder aquariums in all around view applications.