AquaMaxx Carbon One Activated Carbon Filter Media


SKU: UJ00129

AquaMaxx Carbon One reduces and eliminates organic pollutants, odors and discolorations from your aquarium water. Clearer tank water allows for better light penetration into your aquarium.

Carbon One is a unique activated carbon filter media. It is an efficient coal-based carbon with a low density, high adsorbtion capacity. Less Carbon One is required when compared to bituminous carbons. AquaMaxx Carbon One features a highly developed pore structure. The macro, meso and micro pores in Carbon One adsorb both heavy and lightweight compounds as well as discolorations.

  • Iodine Number: 1,000
  • Molasses Number: >300
  • Moisture: 3%
  • Ash & Dust: 0.1% water soluble
  • Wash: Water Washed
  • Rinse before use.
  • Use ½ - 1 cup for every 50 gallons of aquarium water volume.
  • Carbon One should be placed in an area where water will flow through it, like inside a canister filter, for maximum efficiency. Using a media bag is recommended.
  • Carbon One is safe to use in both fresh and saltwater aquarium systems.

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