Flat Back Hex - ES Pine Stand

Advanced Aqua Tanks

SKU: 20 Flat Back Hex - 30x12 -

Flatback Hexagon Pine Cabinet Stands are 30" tall. Solid pine face, doors and molding with birch veneer top and sides. Radiused edges, Overlay doors with self-closing hinges. Tank insets into midband skirt 1-1/2". Stained and sealed finish. Sizes listed are based on footprint of aquarium. Available in unfinished, natural, light, medium, dark, whitewashed and black pine ( see choices in Finish drop-down window above ).

Pine Canopy ( sold separately ) is solid pine face and molding with birch veneer top and sides. Radiused edges. Canopy lid opens fully, hinges at rear and has rounded edges and lip.

*Please note* The image shown in the picture is of the "style" only and is not necessarily the item you have selected. They are intended only as a representation. Items are priced per size and shape stands and canopies.

Stains can be selected from the stain color swatch options. If there is a color, shape, or style that is not listed, feel free to contact us for a quote.